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Important information regarding devices

Please note we maintain this Blog on a daily basis to assure it remains as accurate as possible. Rest assured we continue to work on improving your experience in our games and we will provide you with updates as soon as we can. Update: December 21st Candy Crush Soda Saga, Candy Crush Jelly Saga and Farm Heroes Super Saga should already have received an update as per today, December the 21st which should have addressed these issues for most players. Update: January 3rd Candy Crush Saga has now also received an update. Update: January 5th Farm Heroes Saga has now also received an update. We’ve noticed that players have been experiencing issues with some of our games on older Apple devices. If you have one of the following devices: * iPad2 * iPad Mini * iPhone 4 * iPhone 4S * iPad 1st generation Then you may have experienced issues with: * Candy Crush Saga * Candy Crush Soda Saga * Candy Crush Jelly * Farm Heroes Saga * Farm Heroes Super Saga Updating your game For those of you playing Candy Crush Soda Saga, Candy Crush Jelly Saga and Farm Heroes Super Saga, you will receive the update automatically the next time you open your game while connected to the internet. You might have to quit and restart the game if you play on mobile. If you haven't received the update within the next 12 hours, you will need to delete the app and reinstall it.* In case you still experience an issue even after restarting the game, then we recommend you the following steps: * Close all other background apps while playing * Turn off spotlight search to save memory. Check the end of this official apple support article for help – * Finally make sure to turn the device completely OFF on a regular basis - to do this hold down the lock button for 5 seconds and then slide the “Power Off” option to the right To update the iOS apps on your phone or tablet using the App Store, follow these steps: * Go to your iPhone's Home screen. * From the Home screen, open the App Store. * Tap on the Updates button located on the lower-right part of the App Store's home screen. *Please note that all your free boosters and saved lives which are stored locally on your device may be lost during this process. Please rest assured that we are currently working on a fix for the remaining games and will update you with more information as soon as we have it. For more information on troubleshooting your device, please head to Keep an eye on this post for further updates. Thank you for your patience while we deal with this issue.

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Can you beat Rita Ora? Last chance to win Gold Bars and more!

And so the end is near and so we face the final curtain. We have reached the last level of the leaderboard challenge. The battle has been intense, bloodied lips and finger cramps have been rampant, no one has walked away unscathed. It’s your final chance to win a prize so if you haven’t entered before, now is the time to do it! Don’t you want to stand victorious and know that your Farm Heroes Super Saga skills are the best in the world, I know I do! This week’s level is #39 Rita Ora strategising her next move... Level tip This week we are throwing level 39 at you. Level 39 is all about prioritisation, as you’ll have to fill up buckets with water in order to remove them from the board. Matching next to the buckets is the key here! Get the water first, then concentrate on the other targets! Let’s do this! Last week, your last chance for glory, your last chance to lay down your digital marker in the sand and say I was here, I lived, I am a farm hero! Week 4 prizes: 1st place winner: 500 Gold Bars for use in the Game, plus one iPad 4 mini. 2nd place winner: 100 Gold Bars for use in the Game, plus merchandise from two of the celebrities from the leaderboard. 1000 runners-up: each will receive 25 Gold Bars for use in the game. Over dramatic sentences aside, get your play on now in order to win fantabulistic prizes! Opening date: 10:00 BST Monday 26th September 2016 Closing date: 09:00 BST Monday 3rd October 2016 *Terms and conditions apply. This competition is now closed.

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Get highest score to win prizes - Week 3 tip!

It’s another week and another chance to best a celebrity score in our Farm Heroes Super Saga Challenge. Yes, We have a new level for you to lay the proverbial smack down on. Can you beat Jessica Sanchez? You’ve been battling the stars of the music world for a while now and definitely putting up one heck of a fight but you’ll really need to muster every ounce of your wits for this week's level -it’s going to be a doozy. This week’s level is #36. Level Tip This week’s we are tackling Level 36. You’ll notice that there is a river smack dab in the middle of the board. The river can prove extremely challenging adding a little complexity to the proceedings. Image for representative reasons - This is not level 36 What you’ll want to keep in mind is that the river will always flow in the same direction, and always after you have taken a move. Use this knowledge to predict your next move! Week Three Prizes: 1st place winner: 500 Gold Bars for use in the Game, plus 2 tickets to see one of the celebrities from the leaderboard live in concert. 2nd place winner: 100 Gold Bars for use in the Game, plus merchandise from two of the celebrities from the leaderboard. 1000 runners-up: each will receive 25 Gold Bars for use in the Game. See terms and conditions for full details. This competition is now closed. Go forth, tackle the level, win the prizes, be victorious! You have no excuses unless your phone accidently catches fire or your eyes mysteriously turn into cheddar… Week Three starts from today, 10am BST on the 19th of September 2016 and ends 9am BST on the 26th of September 2016.

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Celebrity Leaderboard competition - Week 2 tip

It’s that time again where we bring you the next level in the Farm Heroes Super Saga Leaderboard Challenge! Last week was a doozy This week we have a brand new level for you all to sink your teeth into. As always our Celebrities have been training in their hyperbolic time chambers, practising their Farm-Kwan-Do, ready to strike vengeful fury at a moment’s notice. So you have to ask yourself one question, do you have what it takes to be #1 worldwide? So you have to ask yourself one question, do you have what it takes to be #1 worldwide? Studio downtime playing @FarmHeroesSuper. Can't put this game down! Who's on level 27? :pear: #ad — melanie blatt (@melblatt) September 12, 2016 This week’s level is #27 Level tip The challenge, as always, is to get the highest score possible in level 27. Last week we had the dreaded nuts to contend with. This week we have even more! You’re definitely going to need your wits about you as they are spread fairly wide around the board. Luckily there is a little tip that can make hard to reach nuts easier to collect! Creating a Super Cropsie next to the Squirrel will make it immediately use its special move. Collecting nuts much further away! Now you know and knowing is half the battle! Week Two prizes! 1st place winner: 500 Gold Bars for use in the Game, plus one ASOS voucher worth USD $200. 2nd place winner: 100 Gold Bars for use in the Game, plus merchandise from two of the celebrities from the leaderboard 1000 runners-up: each will receive 25 Gold Bars for use in the Game. Please check terms and conditions for full details. Week Two starts from today, 10am BST on the 12th of September 2016 and ends 9am BST on the 19th of September 2016

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Get the highest score to win Gold Bars!

The Farm Heroes Super Saga Celebrity Leaderboard Challenge is your chance to take on some of the biggest stars in music in a head-to-head high-score battle to win Gold Bars and more! In order to win, you will have to get one of the three highest scores worldwide in selected Farm Heroes Super Saga Levels. The competition is running over four weeks. Each week you’ll be given one level to complete with as high a score as you can muster! The three highest scores each week will win a prize! If you think you have what it takes to beat the likes of Taio Cruz, Scott Mills, All Saints. Lawson and more, then head to the Celebrity Leaderboard Challenge website for more details! Remember to keep checking King Care, where we’ll be sharing tips and tricks to help you obliterate those celebrity scores! The first week of the competition starts 10am BST on Monday the 5th of September and ends 9am BST on Monday the 12th of September. Please check Terms and Conditions for more details!

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How good is your vision? Take the Cropsie Test

Test your Cropsie color competence at Buzzfeed to see how well can you differentiate between colors? We all like to think ourselves incredibly capable when it comes to recognizing color but this test will make you rethink everything. Can you tell a lilac from a purple or a mauve from also purple? Check out the Buzzfeed quiz where we use adorable Cropsies from Farm Heroes Super Saga to test your color skills to there very limits. Click here to take the quiz!

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Buzzfeed take on Farm Heroes Super Saga challenge

Eric Sams and Jake Russell are writers from Buzzfeed, they're also gamers; Eric a console gamer and Jake a mobile gamer. If you know anything about gamers you'll know they're competitive. These guys are even competing over who is the better gamer. Eric believes he has the better gaming acumen because of his console gaming, where as Jake believes his mobile gaming experience makes him the stronger player. Eric and Jake decided to see who is the better gamer by seeing who could get a higher score in our New game Farm Heroes Super Saga. The training was intense and competition was twice as fierce; our participants put in the blood, sweat and tears necessary to be a Farm Heroes Super Saga savant. Check out the full article at Buzzfeed!

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11 Pictures of super-sized super-fruits!

There are two things the guys at Buzzfeed love, Farm Heroes Super Saga and comically large fruits! So much so in fact that they compiled a pictured list of 11 of fruits that have no legal, metaphysical or scientific right to be so darn huge! Wonder at tomatoes so big they could devour the earth! Jeanette CC-BY-2.0 / Via Marvel at the incredibly swole papaya! Ben Dalton CC-BY-SA-2.0 / Via And other mysterious miscreants of the fruit and vegetable world at Buzzfeed!

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Farm Heroes Super Saga: Beginners guide

You can’t drive a car without a license, you can’t run before you can walk and darn sure can’t whip without learning the nae nae first! Take my advice, dear friends, you’ll want to read the Farm Heroes Super Saga Beginners Guide before charging head first into one of the best games you’ll play all year/decade/eon! Pull up a comfortable chair and prepare to ingest this sweet syrupy dose of gaming know-how directly into your eye holes. Farm Heroes Super Saga is a ‘match three’ game, which means you have to match three or more items of the same type in order collect/remove them from the game board. In Farm Heroes Super Saga the objects you’ll collect are the cute-as-a-button cropsies (water, carrot, plum, tomato etc). Creating Matches Creating a match is simple, touch and hold the cropsie you want to move and then swipe in a direction, either left, right, up or down. If when you move that cropsie, it creates a match, it will disappear from the board. If not, your cropsie will move back to its original position. Cropsies and Value Now the cool thing about the Farm Heroes games is that an individual cropsie can be worth more than one cropsie! You’ll notice that some cropsies have a little number on their bottom right-hand corner; this number represents how many cropsies it’s worth! So if you collect three cropsies and each has a little number two at the bottom, you’ve actually collected six cropsies! You’ll want to pay attention to this as it can seriously help you decide which matches you’ll want to prioritise in the collection game modes! Match Types So how does a cropsie gain extra value? Well remember, a match is three or more cropsies in a row/column, the more cropsies you match, the more you collect and the better the status effects are! One of the most important effects adds value to cropsies. Cropsies gain extra value when you create a match of four or above; all adjacent cropsies that are part of your collection goal (more on this game mode later) will gain 1 extra point of value! However, if they are normal cropsies, they will only hold their value for one turn. For instance: - Collecting four cropsies will add 1 point of value to adjacent cropsie - Five cropsies in a row will remove all cropsies of the same type off the board. - Creating a T or L shaped match of 5 cropsies will create a line blast that adds 2 points of value to all affected Cropsies that are part of collection requirement. However, the match you really want to look out for is matching 4 cropsies in a square, which will create the all powerful Super Cropsie! The Super cropsie is incredibly important to Farm Heroes Super Saga, as you may have guessed. It’s a super sized cropsie that has extra points and sometimes collecting super cropsies is a requirement depending on the game mode. Collecting one is the same as collecting any other cropsie, you have to match it with two or more cropsies of the same type, they don’t have to be Super Cropsies but the same base cropsie that helped form it. The Game So we’ve got the basics down, you know how to swipe, you can create matches, form and collect super cropsies but now we have to put this knowledge to work.In Farm Heroes Super Saga each level you play will have an objective and these objectives differ depending the game mode. You may have to collect a number of different cropsies, like 10 bananas, 4 plums and 50 tomatos, you may have to collect super cropsies, nuts or maybe even both! There are also modifiers, most important the wind modifier that can add an extra wrinkle to a game mode. Wind is a brand new feature that appears on certain levels and will refill the board with Cropsies by following the direction of your match. For example, if you create a horizontal match by swiping from left to right, the board will refill from left to right after the match instead of top to bottom. Game Modes Collection Collection is the primary game mode in Farm Heroes Super Saga and generally other game modes are modifiers of collection. In collection mode you have to collect a predetermined number of cropsies in order to pass the level. You are generally given a number of turns in which to do this. Failure to complete the objective with the amount of allotted turns will result in failure of the level! Super Cropsies are especially useful in collection mode as the are worth more than your average cropsie, they gain point value way quicker and they never lose their value, so it’s important to create Super Cropsies whenever the chance arises. Flower In flower mode, you have to awake the the sleepy plants from their restful slumber! You do this by creating matches next to them, the bigger the match the more the flower buds. Once it’s fully open it will be collected! Flowers can complicate things by blocking parts of the board, not letting cropsies flow as freely as you’d like as you create matches, which can make creating further matches even more complicated. Nut This mode requires a few steps to complete which makes it especially tricky! You’ll have to enlist the help of our friend the squirrel in order to collect the nuts. You’ll have to create matches that move the nut towards the squirrel, once the nut is adjacent to the squirrel, it will swipes its tail and collect it. It’s a tricky mode that requires some forethought but their are things you can do to make it a little easier! The Squirrel has a special number counter which decreases when a match is made directly next to him. Once the Squirrel's counter reaches zero, he will perform a special move that allows him to extend his reach and collect nuts that are within 2 spaces of his current location. Hay Goats aren’t known to be the most cooperative of creatures so you’ll have your work cut out for you wrangling this willful animal. In Hay mode you have to convince the goat to chomp up all the hay by creating matches that are aligned horizontally or vertically with the goat. The goat will then move in a straight line, chomping any hay in his way has he goes. The Goat has a special counter. Make matches directly next to the Goat to reduce his counter. Once the Goat's counter reaches zero, he will do a special move that makes him jump to the nearest Hay spot instantly to collect it! Boss Mode One of the great new features in Farm Heroes Super Saga is the brand new boss mode! As you can guess, Rancid is not too happy with the idea of you spoiling his fun, he can show up at random and make your progress that bit more difficult by throwing garbage onto the board. To get rid of Rancid, create matches next to the garbage to throw it at him. Eventually he will become dazed and run off to lick his wounds! Defeating Rancid is not a prerequisite for passing a level, rather more an optional challenge, but there are definite benefits to kicking his behind. One, it’s fun to ruin Rancid’s day and two, defeating him gives your country show plant an added boost! Ah ha, so you’re probably asking yourself what is the country show! Keep reading to find out! Country Show The Country show is the awesome new ‘meta-game’ in Farm Heroes Super Saga where you can win fame and coins by growing your very own cropsie. Each week, players are automatically entered into a new country show and they will have that week to grow the biggest cropsie they can. Fear not! Unlike real gardening, this is pretty straight forward, and a lot more fun. Growing your cropsie is easy, all you have to do is play levels; win lose or draw, you’ll still help your cropsie grow! This is because each time you play a level, you’ll receive stars. The better you do at a level, the more stars you get, which is important because stars are used to feed your cropsie. There are five tiers in the Country Show with tier 1 being the best. It will take some expert playing in order to gain the highest tier but it’s definitely worth it. The higher the tier your Country Show cropsie is, the more coins you gain and you can use coins to purchase boosters in the in-game shop! See definitely worth it. Boosters Boosters are that little extra helping hand that can save you pulling out your hair or punching a hole in the fabric of reality in frustration. Yup, i’ve seen it happen and it ain’t pretty! Boosters can be purchased from the store for gold bars or with coins gained in from the country show! Watering Can Turns any cropsie into a super cropsie and adds 5 points to its value! Gardening Glove The glove is almost magic! Its effect can change depending on the object you use it on. If used on a cropsie - it collects it. If used on ice - it breaks it. If used on a flower - it grows it one stage Collection Basket This handy little booster will collect all cropsies of any one type. Much like creating a match of 5 cropsies. You should now have enough knowledge and knowhow to venture out into the world of Farm Heroes Super Saga - time to kick some serious Rancid tail! We’ll be back with more tips and tricks on your favourite games so make sure to visit the blog daily, minutely, secondly! Remember to check out the fabulous Farm Heroes Super Saga website to keep up to date on all the latest news and events!

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