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How do I get more boosters?

Some boosters are unlocked as you progress through the levels. Once you have used your boosters, you can acquire more with Gold Bars. Some boosters can also be purchased with Coins, but this option is only available before the level begins.

What do the numbers mean on the Cropsies?

When you match next to a Cropsie you are required to collect, its value will temporarily increase, so a Cropsie with a 2 is worth 2 Cropsies! The value will be reset immediately after your next move, so try and match those Cropsies immediately to boost your collection total.

Super Cropsies never lose their value and if you create a match next to a Super Cropsie, their value increases faster than regular Cropsies.

Making a square match is the fastest way of increasing the value on target Cropsies, as it creates a Super Cropsie that is worth the total sum of all Cropsies in the match - plus an additional 50% bonus of the total value. For example, if you make a square match with 4 normal Cropsies, you'll end up with a Super Cropsie worth 6 points! If you match that Super Cropsie of 6 points again with 3 normal Cropsies, you'll get a Super Cropsie that is worth 13.5 points (rounded up to 14 points). This is a great strategy of growing the value of your target Cropsies on the board, rather than relying completely on matching individual Cropsies.

What are special matches?

Special matches create special effects in the game:

Match 4 in a row: Adds a +1 bonus to surrounding target Cropsies.

Match 5 in a row: Collects all Cropsies of the same type from the board. This match also adds a +1 bonus to surrounding target Cropsies.

T or L Match: Creates a line blast that adds a +2 to all affected target Cropsies. This match also adds a+1 bonus to surrounding target Cropsies.

Square match: Merges all matched Cropsies into one Super Cropsie.

What is the Country Show?

The Country Show is a contest to raise the biggest and best Show Cropsie. Regardless of how long you have been playing Farm Heroes Super Saga, everyone has a shot at growing a 1st class Show Cropsie and reaping the rewards!

What does the river do?

Rivers move lily pads in the direction of the water flow. Lily pads can hold Cropsies and other surprises such as Squirrels and Goats. For every move the player makes, the river will move the lily pad (and whatever is on top of it) one space in the direction of its flow.

Tip: The river cannot be controlled, but its movement is predictable, so use that knowledge to your advantage! Sometimes you won't need to make a match if the river's movement will create the match for you automatically after your next move.

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Playing Flower Tower I’m on level 7 its asking for us to find 6 flowers but only 4 are visable annoying

I have a bunch of these silver coins, but do they do anything or is that for a later update to the game?

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